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Alterum is an exciting new concept in Corporate Insurance and Risk Management Procurement.

Our role is very different to traditional Insurance Brokers. Alterum act solely on behalf of our clients in a role similar to that of an "in-house" Insurance Department. By taking this role, Alterum are in a position to give full and truly independent advice to our customers and negotiate insurance and risk management programs that fully satisfy needs in respect of protection, service and cost.

Alterum are in a unique position in being able to present to the entire market. We are in an unrivaled position to identify extensive premium savings with at least comparable, and often more significant levels of cover.

Please explore our site to find out how we can assist you.

We put the power to negotiate risk protection arrangements back in the hands of the customer, which leads to improved financial cost savings and  protection, year on year.

We never compromise cover or benefits for the sake of  financial savings.