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Mission Statement

dice-greenOur mission is to be a fully independent ear and voice to Business and Enterprise and to bring clarity and understanding of insurance markets and risk management.

To achieve this, Alterum will strive:

  • To put the power to negotiate risk protection back into the hands of the Customer
  • To change the rules of Insurance/Risk Management by providing a unique and entirely pragmatic advisory service.
  • To be a truly independent consultancy and facilitator working on behalf of our customer to identify the very best and most economic risk protection arrangements.
  • To stand apart from the traditional methods of sourcing risk protection through insurance brokers who are encumbered by parochial interests such as restricted markets available to them and earnings relative to the size of the premiums they negotiate.
  • To be in a position to access the entire market of risk protection providers.
  • To offer unrivalled unprejudiced advice.
  • To locate extensive premium savings with at least comparable but often more significant protection and levels of cover.