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Our Process

With many years experience in various areas of the insurance industry the ability to be transparent to our clients is paramount to the longevity of our relationships. We have refined our processes enabling a more efficient and succinct approach to such a key area of our clients business.


Alterum will always pay attention to understanding our customers business, not just the physical presence of what they do, but also the Industry and Market of which they trade within and how they position themselves; more importantly, we listen to each client to find out exactly their requirements and where they would like to go with their risk protection and supported services. We take all the emotion; stress and worry out of the insurance process and show the client what really goes on with a transparent insight into the Insurance market.


The traditional Insurance Market is difficult to control and completely void of any transparency, both in grey policy detail and remuneration. With careful planning we take control of the way that the that our customers business is marketed to the various options that are available focussing on avoiding such widely used practices of market closedown and various delaying tactics, but to name a few, we open up meaningful and constructive dialogue. This will pave the way for all options to be explored, including direct solutions.


The way to deliver the most beneficial results is to stop various competitors spoiling each other’s results. We get each competing party aligned with the risk provider that they are best suited too and this stops each competitor from closing down markets to favour their own submission. It is more advantageous to let each risk provider work with a separate advisor, thus allowing to have a fairer chance of winning the business in turn delivering more competitive terms and benefits.


We recognise that the working environment tremendously tougher in the current economical times and understanding all the implications implications in what is being presented to you, especially if you have more than one professional advisor reporting, can add further time and pressure to making the correct decision. First of all we remove the sales process from any presentations and secondly deliver a final report based on what has been presented by all parties, explaining very clearly what you actually get for you money and this will include what is being provided in service from your advisor (we use set standards and measures for this).  Ultimately, Alterum will aim to reduce our clients expenditure along with a reduction in time spent on establishing the correct insurance for your business.  Alterum will work with you to provide the best service possible.