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Our Services

Alterum will always deliver the highest level of service to every client.

Our mission is to be a fully independent ear and voice to Business and Enterprise and to bring clarity and understanding of insurance markets and risk management.

We appreciate the needs of various market sectors and are able to offer access to schemes that provide efficient quotation and policy issuing systems, or put together a complex programme with a range of insurers.

Alterum has many years experience in various areas of the insurance industry. We are therefore able to offer a far broader range of services beyond placing insurance.

We are able to advise on business change and acquisition, Disaster Recovery planning, the management and reporting of claims and major renewal negotiations.

We work with a key number of selected companies who provide complementary services, such as Financial Services, Business Protection, Wills and Estate Management and Credit Insurance.


Business Management

Should you consider significant changes to your business such as restructuring, acquisition, merger or a major project or growth strategy, it is important that the insurance implications of this are taken into account at an early stage. By being involved at the start of any such process, we can ensure that you continue to enjoy the most complete and effective cover on the most cost efficient basis.


Critical Loss Planning / Disaster Recovery

Our wide business and insurance industry experience allows us to work with you to develop your critical loss and disaster recovery plans, which will ensure you have the appropriate contingencies in place should you suffer a significant or major loss. Such activity will also allow you to develop the best plans and strategies for your day to day business and can also have a positive effect on the cost of your insurances.


Claims Management

We are able to assist you in developing robust and effective claims reporting and management systems that will allow you to understand and manage your claims more efficiently. This will indicate that you have a high awareness of risk which is attractive to insurers, and may ultimately have the effect of reducing both the volume and cost of your claims which can have a positive impact on premium and policy terms.



We are available to assist you with your renewal process, particularly if your business has undergone significant changes during the previous 12 months and it would be appropriate to undertake a detailed review of your requirements and insurance arrangements.